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The new hydraulic adjustable bump stop

Click on the document to see the 3D drawing !


Work in progress...

We are happy that our Fanuc robot finally arrived.

HSL in the Superbiker Mettet !

Check out the pictures of the amazing holeshots that Romain Fevre grabbed in the Superbiker of Mettet. EVEN FROM THE SECOND ROW !!! 

World Champ Romain Fevre !

Check out this publication of Romain Fevre's racebike that is equipped with our HSL holeshot link !

HSL in the 2015 MXGP season !


Little recap of all the riders who won a FOX Holeshot Award, riding with our HSL holeshot link system !


MXGP of Qatar, Losail: Max Nalg / Dylan Ferrandis

MXGP of Thailand, Nakhonchaisri: Tyla Rattray

MXGP of Patagonia Argentina, Neuquen: Shaun Simpson

MXGP of Trentino, Pietramurata: Max Nagl / Jordi Tixier

MXGP of Europe, Valkenswaard: Max NaglRomain Fevre

MXGP of Spain, Talavera de la Reina: Max Nagl / Dylan Ferrandis

MXGP of Great Britain, Matterley Basin: Shaun Simpson

MXGP of France, Villars sous Ecot: Max Nagl

MXGP of Italy, Maggiora: Max Nagl

MXGP of Sweden, Uddevalla: Romain Fevre

MXGP of Czech Republic, Loket: Evgeny Bobryshev

MXGP of Belgium, Lommel: Romain Fevre

MXGP of Lombardia, Mantova: Jeremy Van Horebeek

MXGP of the Netherlands, Assen: Max Nagl

MXGP of Mexico, Leon: Max Nagl / Thomas Covington 

Machinepark expanding !

We are happy to announce  that we will be expanding our machinepark with a Mazak OKK HMC430 and a Fanuc robot ! Check out the pictures down below !

Alex Kelsey


Check out this cool pic from Alex Kelsey's insane, hand-built Renault Sport V6 powered Peugot rally car. We have produced the C2P suspension for the NZ pilot !


Go to our Facebook page to watch some cool videos from him racing ! 

HSL in the Canadian Championship !


HSL in the MXGP of Great Britain !


Check out Shaun Simpson grabbing the holeshot in the MXGP at Matterley Basin !  

HSL in the MXGP of Arco di Trento !

Ryan Villopoto showing off his HSL holeshot link ! But he did not have to go to these extremes ! Hope all is well !

HSL in the MXGP of Argentina !

We are happy to see that 2 HSL rider took the victory in the MXGP of Argentina ! Congrats to Max Nagl and Dylan Ferrandis !

HSL in the MXGP of Thailand !


Ryan Villopoto clinched victory for the Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team in stifling heat at the Nakhonchaisri raceway, which hosted the Thai round of the FIM World MXGP Motocross Championship.


The ten times US champion showed an immediate liking for the man-made track 35 miles west of the Thai capital Bangkok as he won the qualification race by an amazing 33 seconds as the hard work of midweek suspension testing in Europe paid dividends. With temperatures soaring above 100 degrees Fahrenheit RV2 was content to control the first GP moto by a smaller margin on race day, but was never seriously challenged after sweeping past teammate Tyla Rattray for the lead before turn three. After being forced off the track through the early turns of race two Ryan needed three laps to advance to third place, at which stage the leader already held a five second advantage. The leading trio matched each other's pace for several laps before the Kawasaki leader, secure in the knowledge that his placing would give him the overall success on the day, took no risks to secure the honour. He has also moved up the championship table to fourth, just 18 points shy of the series pacesetter.


Ryan Villopoto: "We only had two days to test when we went back to Europe but we made good progress with the bike. We made some big suspension changes and then some fine tuning here. I think the track here is not only new for all of us, it is also little more jumpy than the usual GP track and suited me. For sure there will be weeks when a suits me best, and other weeks when the track suits the European guys. I didn't ride this sort of heat for one and a half years, and it even started snowing when we were training in Belgium on Tuesday, so it was a shock change for all of us. I guess I have some things to learn too. I also backed off my pace in the qualifier but I think the other guys did so even more to save energy in the heat. There's a strategy to GP racing but I'm gradually getting used to it. I got pushed around a little in the first few turns of race two but when I got to third I just tried to be smart and at this of the season a safe third is better than risking a crash. It's cool to come here to Thailand and see things which you would normally only see in the movies, it's a bizarre experience." 

HSL in Transworld MX magazine !

Check out this article about Antti Pyhrönen, Team Ice One / RedBull Husqvarna team manager, who talks about our HSL Holeshot link system. 

HSL at SX Phoenix 2015


Check out how Eli Tomac grabbed the holeshot in round 2 450 Supercross in Phoenix with his HSL holeshot link system and won the overall race ! 

HSL at SX Anaheim 2015 !

Team Honda’s Trey Canard put in a remarkable performance for the final step on the 450 podium with our HSL holeshot link system in the first Anaheim SX race of the season. 

BUd racing !


Check out the presentation of the new 125cc BUD Racing’s project bike, you will find the link from Motocross Action magazine USA and video test from Moto verte in France. 

HSL in the SX of Paris Lille


Doing this weekend his first race on the 250 Bud Racing Kawasaki Monster Energy, Maxime Desprey claimed all SX2 heat wins during the first Supercross of Paris Lille. With four heat wins and the ‘Prince of Paris Lille' crown, Maxime was the best team's representative.

Moving from Bercy to Lille as the stadium in Paris is under renovation, the main European Supercross moved North of France in the brand new ‘Pierre Mauroy stadium' in Lille and was as successful in Lille than in Paris. Leading the first practice sessions on Saturday, Maxime Desprey showed good speed and nice riding style on the track. He was far ahead of his rivals in the two races on Saturday, even if he crashed at the start of the second one and had to come back from last to first! On Sunday he again dominates the SX2 class, winning the two other races to collect the famous ‘Prince of Paris Lille' title. Only one race for Maxime on his Bud Kawasaki, but already four heat wins!

The team lined up three SX1 riders in Lille, and it's American Josh Hill who did the best performance with a fifth overall. Posting top eight results in the four SX1 races, Josh confirmed the US domination with five Americans in the top six! Second of the first race on Saturday behind Eli Tomac, Christophe Pourcel had a tough second race as he collided at the start and later crashed again and retired. On Sunday he had a couple of bad starts and finally scored ninth overall, two ranks ahead of Valentin Teillet; Saturday was a little bit tough for Valentin, who came stronger on Sunday and scored top ten in three heats for his last race with the team. Next season Xavier Boog, Maxime Desprey and Nicolas Dercourt will be the Bud riders alongside Meghan Rutledge and 85 riders Brian Moreau and David Braceras.

Maxime Desprey: "We didn't plane since so long to race this SX, but we prepare it carefully with Jacky (Vimond). I came here to have fun on the bike, and I must say that I enjoyed riding there! I had so much fun on the track, I feel so comfortable on the 250 Bud Kawasaki that I got four holeshots; I crashed at one start so I had to recover from last to first, it was so nice to hear the public cheering me! It was good experience, I rode relax and I know that I will have to work hard for next season; I will work with Jacky alongside Xavier (Boog) and Nico (Dercourt), and I'm confident."

Stéphane Dasse: "We had a good weekend in Lille, we met many people and our riders did good performances. Maxime rode very very well for his first race with us; he never gave up and was so fast! We saw that he was happy to ride his bike, and he got four heat wins! It was our last race with Valentin (Teillet) and he did his best, as Josh Hill who was racing with us for this event did good also. Christophe (Pourcel) struggled with his starts, and we have to work before the Genoa SX next weekend; anyway, he got the best French result with a second position in the first final on Saturday."


Nickel-silicone-carbide plating

The newest addition to our machinepark

We are proud to announce the newest edition to our machinepark, a Mazak Variaxis J-500. This machine is the third in his kind that we are working with.

The new compression adjuster for WP shocks

Why this adjuster for WP shocks?
Clicks on high speed adjustment (is a must)
25% more low speed adjustment
Better oil flow on piston
Optional tuning parts 
This product is for who wants to get the best out of this original WP shock for an acceptable price.

HSL in MOTOX magazine !


Happy to see that MOTOX magazine tested our HSL holeshot link and wrote an article about it in this octobre issue. Thanks for the support !

HSL in Motoverde Spain !

Also Motoverde magazine talked about the holeshot link system.

HSL in the MXON in Latvia !

Happy to see so many HSL riders on the podium last weekend in the MX of Nations in Kegums, Latvia. And we are mostly proud that all three French riders, riding with HSL, were standing on the highest step !

End of season in the MXGP of Mexico !


Happy to see that the MX season has ended on a high note in Leon, Mexico. What an exciting ending of a great season. We at PHM engineering are very proud of all the riders who were riding with our HSL holeshot linksystem this year. We hope we helped them improve their starts and hope we will keep doing that in the next season of 2015!

Jeremy Vanhorebeek became vice worldchampion for the first time in his career in the MXGP class.

We could also find Max Nagl and Gautier Paulin on the highest steps of the podium this season. Both of them took a few holeshots as well !

Congrats boys !


Definitely worth checking out is the spread about our HSL holeshot link in the Italian motor magazine 'Motociclismo Fuori strada' ! Thanks for the support !

You can find the document right here !


Thank you Yamaha Factory Racing for this nice gift !


Nice shots from the start in the MXGP of Lommel

Some nice pictures of the HSL riders starting in the MXGP of Lommel. You can see Max Nagl, Jeremy Van Horebeek, Gautier Paulin and Steven Frossard.


HSL in the MXGP of Lommel !


The Fox holeshot award goes to Max Nagl and Max Anstie in the MXGP of Lommel. Both riders are starting with our HSL holeshot link system ! 


Jaarlijks verlof / Annual holiday


Beste klant,

Wij zijn gesloten wegens jaarlijks verlof op 19 juli 2014. Vanaf 3 augustus 2014 zijn wij opnieuw tot uw beschikking.


Dear customer,

We are closed for our annual holiday on July 19 2014. From August 3 2014, we are once again at your service.


Met vriendelijke groeten,

With kind regards,


Philippe Missotten

Ricky Carmichael's new bike !

Check out Ricky Carmichael's new racebike that is equipped with our HSL holeshot link system !

HSL in the MXGP of Sweden !


HSL on the ICE ONE Husqvarna FC350


Check out this article about the Husqvarna FC350 bike by ICE ONE featuring our HSL holeshot link. 



Check out this article about Valentin Teillet's BUD racing bike which is equipped with the HSL holeshot link system.


HSL in the MXGP of Italy

Awesome picture from Tim Gajser with his HSL holeshot link system in the MXGP of Maggiora last weekend. 

HSL in the MXGP of Italy

Yamaha Factory Racing special retro livery for this weekends Italian MCGP in Maggiora !

New cover OTOR magazine !

Nice to see this awesome pic of the HSL rider Jeremy Vanhorebeek on the cover of OTOR. We hope his starts keep improving thanks to the holeshot link system ! 

HSL publicity in the US !


HSL in the MXGP of France !

Some late pic's of the HSL holeshot link system in the MXGP of Saint-Jean d'Angely.

HSL in the MXGP of France !

Nice shot from #114 Livia Lancelot on her bike in the MXGP of Saint-Jean d'Angely . She managed to grabbed the holeshot twice thanks to the HSL holeshot link system. Congrats for you win ! Also riding with the HSL system is #66 Megan Rutledge. She became second in the WMX race. Congrats to them both !

Must read !

Check out this article about the KXF 450 by MB1 suspension. This bike is equipped with our HSL holeshot link !

HSL in the MXGP of England !

Nice shot of Tyla Rattray with his HSL holeshot link system in the MXGP of Matterley Basin. 

Sulivan Jaulin grabbed the holeshot !

Sulivan Jaulin made a winning debut for Bud Racing Kawasaki Monster Energy in the second round of the European MX250 Championship at Talavera de la Reina in Spain ! He was showing off his HSL in his massive holeshot !

HSL in the MXGP of Spain !

Nice shot of the belgian rider Jeremy Vanhorebeek with his HSL holeshot link !

NEOX vision

Gold aluminium business cards made by our company for NEOX vision by TC222 !

HSL in the MXGP of Valkenswaard !


Some nice pictures of Arnaud Tonus in the MXGP of Valkenswaard where he did his first race with our HSL holeshot link !  Also Dylan Ferrandis from CLS Kawasaki team was a first time rider with teh HSL link !

HSL in the MXGP of Valkenswaard !

Some pictures of the HSL holeshot link system on the bikes of Max Nagl, Jeremy Vanhorebeek and Gautier Paulin. 

Shock absorber 4 way adjustable


C2P Kitcar shocks !

Alex Kelsey's car is equipped with our C2P shock and he competes in the New Zealand and Australian championship of rally. We wish him the best of luck in the rest of his season !

HSL in the MXGP of Italy

Clear view of Gautier's holeshot in the MXGP of Arco di Trento !

Soon to come !

Working on the new catalogue, soon to see on the C2P website ! 

Jeremy Van Horebeek in On track off road!

Nice to see this article about Jeremy Van Horebeek in this issue of OTOR. Jeremy's bike is equipped with our HSL holeshot link system. Keep on the good work !

HSL in the MXGP of Italy

Happy to see that Gautier Paulin grabbed the holeshot award again this weekend in the MXGP of Arco di Trento !

Holeshot award for Paulin !


HSL on twitter !

Follow HSL on twitter @HSLholeshotlink !

Check out our new HSL shirts !



Thanks to the young belgian rider Mathias Plessers for the support !

Standings !

Number 2,3 and 4 in the MXGP world championship ranking after round 2 are riding with our HSL Holeshot Link ! We are looking forward to what the riders will do in the next races ! 

Starcross in Mantova !

These are some pictures of Gautier Paulin's start last weekend in the Starcross of Mantova ! His bike is equipped by our HSL Holeshot Link system! Thanks to Gino Maes !



HSL in Thailand !

Jeremy Van Horebeek gets his first holeshot award and podium this season in the MXGP of Thailand ! His bike is equipped with our HSL Holeshot Link System ! Congrats Jerre !

HSL in Qatar !

The cover of this issue of On Track Off Road about Gautier's win in Qatar. His bike is equipped with our HSL Holeshot Link system !

The start of the MXGP season 2014 with HSL !

This weekend all the motocross teams moves to Qatar, home of the opening round of the 2014 FIM Motocross World Championship. The first of the eighteen races will take place on the track built last season, inside the Losail road race facility and was once more organised in the night.
In the picture above you can see the racebike of  Kawasaki Racing Team ride #21 Gautier Paulin, which is equiped with the HSL Holeshot Link system to improve the starts. Gautier won the first GP in Qatar and was also the winner of one GP in 2012 and three GP’s last season. 
Other riders that will be using the HSL system this season are #89 Jeremy Vanhorenbeek, #183 Steven Frossard, #12 Max Nagl, #777 Evgeny Bobryshev, #23 Christophe Charlier... 
We are happy to see the results of the riders this weekend and are looking forward if it will keep helping them in their start nex weekend in Thailand and the rest of the season !

HSL Holeshot Link represented in the USA !


Tuningkit Shockabsorber !


Stage 1: Bladder convertion ø 52mm + reductor + high/low speed adjuster

Stage 2: Separator piston ø52mm + reductor + high/low speed adjuster

Logo lasered for free !!! 

GOPRO video !

In this video you can see the production process of a shockbody for full active suspension.

Back in time !


New release ! Fourway hight adjuster HSL !


Sachs Replacements front fork kit 2013/2014




Follow PHM now on Facebook !

HSL Link system now also available for KTM!


C2P HSL now also availabe for Honda CRF 250 2014


Pistons now online !

Go and have a look at our range of pistons, you can find all of them in the C2P shock parts directory.

The new CSP HSL-link system


Paulin's holeshot

Guatier Paulin managed to obtain his first holeshot of the year in the MXGP of Maggiora and went for a sensational victory. Gautier was riding with the link system manufactured by PHM engineering, that helps to get more traction in the start. 

Holeshot link system

Kawasaki Racing Team is using our new link system the last few races. And it is showing results ! 

The link system is designed to have more traction during the start. Kawasaki Racing Team has been using it in the world championship motocross for the riders Jeremy Van Horebeek and Gautier Paulin. 

Solar panels

PHM engineering is now equipped with solar panels and makes an investment in green energy.